Multi-Chain Fundraise System

QuantiumX offers developers the opportunity to raise funds across different Blockchain networks. Investors can now invest in their favorite projects irrespective of the Network chain.

NFT Marketplace

We designed the best, most reliable, cheapest and self-supporting NFT platform for artists and producers. You can work with any blockchain you want..

QuantiumX DAO

When the funding process is over, you will be able to submit bids, play the submitted bids, and make a profit. The amount of tokens you receive will be proportional to the voting power you will have.

Anti-Rug / SAFU Funds

QuantiumX offers a path to insure investors against potential scams or rugs by setting up the SAFU Fund, the fund will enable the team to refund investors in cases where they are unable to get their capital back.

Holder's Passive Income

QuantiumX offers smart contract ensures that 50% of QTMX's generated fee (QPad, NFT Launcpad and NFT Marketplace sales fee) are used to buy back and burn QTMX tokens. Other %50 fee will be distributed QTMX holders.​

Atomic Tier System

QuantiumX presents you with an awesome tiered system, this means that users are required to hold/own tokens to gain investment power into innovative projects launched on the platform.

What We Do

We are creating an ecosystem that is constantly increasing in value and that is self-sufficient. We will have a system that is always open to innovations and can update itself. Our holders will be the owners of this ecosystem. We will make important decisions together and we will continue to grow together.

Web3 and Metaverse technologies and powerful projects will be realized with us and our holders will be a part of them in the easiest way.


QuantiumX functions as a multi-chain fundraise platform with initial support for the chains below. More chains will be added on demand.

Welcome to QuantiumX Ecosystem


QuantiumXPAD will select projects based on different criteria but will not limit to the blockchain used by the project for the developments. While multiple launchpads are single-blockchain based, QuantiumXPAD will allow participants staking QTMX tokens to invest in projects, whatever the blockchain is.​


Holders will be able to invest in strong NFT projects and receive enormous benefits and rewards. (Airdrop, Whitelist, Free Mint etc.)

GameFi and Metaverse

QuantiumX will work with major game studios and our NFTs will open up the metaverse world to you. We will have a big surprise for our holders at this stage.

QuantiumX Tokens

QuantiumX will be powered by QTMX, owning the token would allow you access to early-stage investments. It will serve as Governance Token via our DAO Structure.


Q3, 2022

Public Sale, DEX&CEX Listings, G0 Live QuantiumX PAD for all support blockchains. NFT airdrop for early users and holders.

NFT Marketplace and NFT Launchpad go live.

Q4, 2022

2nd CEX Listing, Integration with the global Binance NFT marketplace. Learn&Earn campaigns, affiliate programs for NFT promoters.

QTMX Gaming Platform, marketing campaigns.

Q1, 2023

3rd CEX Listing, NFT Bridges.

New Roadmap.


Vince Hillard

Co-founder and CEO

Kim Lee


Jullian Wilson



Steve Noble

Project Development

Hugo V.

Blockchain Developer

Daniel Herrera

Community Manager

Samuel Timothy

Partnership Manager


Social Media Lead


James Oliviera